Welcome to the Cotton Castle,

A playground for the imagination, a safe space for us to dwell in this hellish modern minefield we call life… Cotton Castle is a mindstate: it’s primitive, it’s organic and it’s a part of us all.

When I’m feeling out of touch, lonely, hopeful, inspired, motivated, creative or just plain silly, I pick up a pen and draw or doodle. The Cotton Castle is my virtual gallery, a window into my oddly melancholic, subtly cheerful, sarcastic, serendipitous soul.

I’ve recently updated the website to keep it fresh and more accessible. Hope you enjoy looking through some of my projects and illustrations. Currently, I’m producing the second volume of my “Adult Colouring Book” series, which should launch early 2019. I’ll keep you posted here.

Thankyou to all the kind, creative souls who have supported me on my artistic journey so far, I couldn’t have done it without you. Peace and Love…